Teen Angst Poetry by a Thirty-Something Fatalist

Part One:

Those of us who’ve been through
traumatic or toxic relationships
have expertly learned
how to shut people out.

Some of us build walls around the heart,
emotional defense mechanisms
keeping people at arm’s length.

Me? I built a fucking castle.
Complete with hot tar traps
and archers in the ramparts.
And for a while,
I lived quite happily in there.

You and I fittingly met on a Friday,
the only day of the week with any
real possibility in its blood.

I was giving a speech
on the burden of expectation
when I finally looked your way.
The cobalt of your eyes sparkled
like a Confundus Charm,
removing my ability to speak.

I st-st-stuttered and you blushed.
It was there that I told myself,
in the middle of that introduction,
that I wouldn’t fall in love with you.

Then I heard your laughter,
and felt the warmth
that it brought to this cold boy smile,
and I knew it was a losing battle.

Part Two:

You’ve succeeded where many others often failed,
in demolishing ten years of Doomsday Vault Defenses,
laying siege to this old decrepit heart.

A prize of which you have no use for.

I’m not angry,
nor do I fault you,
people rarely love
what they can’t see.
It happens.

Never have two people
been so many worlds apart.
A fool’s hope, and a story
told ten years too late.

So, forgive me my assumption
that any one part of this was purposefully done.

Forgive me my shade;
in all its variety.

And please…
please forgive me my love,
of which I will continue
to give so freely from afar.

3 thoughts on “Teen Angst Poetry by a Thirty-Something Fatalist

  1. “Forgive me my shade”

    Really? What a fucking joke. You call this poetry? Don’t try again until you can do better. It’s no wonder whoever this is about is obviously out of the picture.


    • The fact that you took time out of your day to leave this comment just goes to show what a fucking joke you are. How about you don’t speak again until you learn how to be an actual adult because this goes to show that you’re an actual 12-year old. If you don’t like it, scroll past it, simple and as easy as that! Here’s a little tip for you though, just in case you were wondering as it seems like you don’t know how to properly function: if you’re on your phone use your thumb, if you’re on a computer it’s the little scroll bar off to the right side. There’s no need to be an absolute dickhead and hurt feelings. They obviously took a lot of thought into writing this and who gives a shit if the person it’s about is out of the picture!! It’s not your life it’s theirs and they can write whatever the fuck they want. They don’t need hateful assholes like you to leave an unnecessary comment. Bye now and I hope you don’t have a nice day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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